A computer nerd who just so happen to know a thing or two about midi notes.

Design and stuff

With abstract design as my main gig, I make stuff that's not actually meaningful but still looks kinda nice.

holy guacamole it moves

Mainly using an unorthodox way of using Blender 3D's shader nodes I make those fun shapes move

make it resonate

Composer/music producer by night. I make stuff that I can't even identify what genre it is. I call it "Experimental Electronic" just in case.


I also sometimes do these video essay things now where I talk about things that I feel like talking about. It's very infrequent since this is one of my project types that took the most amount of time. But I will still do these from time to time.

F . A . Q

Why does this segment exist?

I don't have any questions at the moment so this is basically just a placeholder for when I do.


Feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter. You can also send an Email to [email protected]

Please note that this site thing is very much still in it's earlier stages. Will add more stuff as I go on.

My other works

Looks cool? Sweet! Here are where I usually put my other stuff if you're interested.